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Antiseptic Towelette Machine

Fully Auto BZK Antiseptic Prep Pad Machine


This machine is specially designed to produce international standard and non-standard four side sealing sachet for bzk towelette,antiseptic wipes,feminine wipes,alcohol pads,iodine pads,nail polish remover pad etc and more.The product appearance comes in a single packet, doubles packet connected with perforation line,or 4 packs etc.

Production Process:
Non-woven or wet strength paper and packaging film feeding-crosswise folding –cutting-liquid injection-packaging-sealing-cutting-finish product-auto counting&delivery

Main Specs:
Towelette unfolded size: L 100-200mm × W 100-200mm
Towelette folded size:L25-100mm × W 35mm
Packet size: L60-130mm × W50-65mm
Way of injection liquid: 0.11-12ml
Processing ability: 80-100 packet/minute
Total power: 2kw
Gross Weight: 800 kg
Overall dimensions:1600x700x1700mm
Packing size:1800x1000x2000mm

Auto BZK antiseptic prep pad machine, Antiseptic Towelette Packaging Machine