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Stretch Film Rewinder

Fully auto stretch film rewinding machine


Fully auto stretch film rewinding machine is most popular model for serving stretch film converting factory,it is rewinding the jumbo roll of stretch film into small machine roll and hand roll.
Patsons engineers are keeping on developing the machine function,the machine features are very user friendly.
By PLC programer with LCD screen,the user only need to input the setting length into the screen page,machine will auotmatically rewinding the roll,then automatically changing the paper tube to next production continuously,there is no requirement for adding the paper tube by hand.
There are sensor system built on the machine,it will automatically stop when the paper tube storage is end,and machine stop when the mother roll is finished.
The finished roll will trainsfer to the side of machine by the automatic convery system,the operator can pack the finished roll in front of the machine.
In this way,one operator can run 3 to 4 machines at the same time.Non-skilled operator requires on the machine.
Machine design speed at 900meter per minute,it is very high speed.
Machine is multi-functional for both PE stretch film,food stretch wrap,and PVC food cling film made by extrusion machine or blown machine.
Main technical features:
Material:PE stretch,PVC cling film
Unwinding roll width:maximum 500mm
Unwinding roll total web width:520mm
Unwinding roll inner tube diameter:76mm
Unwinding roll outer diameter:maximum 500mm
Finished roll total width:520mm
Finished roll inner tube diameter:25/38/50/76mm etc
Finished roll outer diameter:180mm
Design speed:900m/minute
Total power:4kw
Air supply:0.3Mpa

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