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Continuous business form machinery

Blank Business Form Processor


Machine is ideally for making blank computer form,business form,continuous form,NCR form roll as product.
1. With the functions of paper gathering, punching, across creasing and perforating and folding, etc, this machine can produce multi layer computer paper by using dual rows paper gathering pallets, punching sprocket and slitting knife.
2. It can work as multi layer and singly ply of computer form processor to join with the numbering collator,Pack to pack printing machine as a Continuous form production line.
3. The color marking and color mark length on paper are adjustable.
4. The datas can be pre-set, it alarms when it reaches the set data.
5. Speed regulation controled by frequency conversion motor.
6. Cylinders for different size of paper across creasing and perforating (11 inch and 12 inch)
7. Different size of gears for different size of paper gathering.
8. Paper delivery pallet for the paper in specific size.
9. Paper strip collecting system
10. Paper unwinding stands, 5 pcs strong to carry 150 kgs

Blank computer form processor, Continuous form processor